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Acrylic paint and aerosol on wood panel. 18" x 24" x 1.5"


When I was little I missed about a month of school due to stomach issues. There was some sort of imbalance in my tumm but I was also a nervous kid and I'd let everything effect my state of mind, therein worsening my stomach issues. It was an interesting excercise at 10 or so to try to stay calm and worry less. I got in the habbit of not really letting things effect me so much. I internalized many feelings and expressed as little as possible. 30 years later, I'm just trying to feel it all and not hold back. I've got this.


Free delivery in the Austin area. If outside of central Texas, I will invoice you for shipping & handling seperatley. Please Allow 7 days for packing.

World In The Palm - 18"x24"

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